How did Cults get so popular so fast? “We didn’t really do anything.”

In an interview with the New York Times, a curious reporter looking for a scoop asks the Cults how they got so popular so fast. In response, singer Brian Oblivion shrugs, “we didn’t really do anything‚Ķ we didn’t pick up calls, didn’t follow through, didn’t answer e-mail.” What did they do to land on a major label without so much as an EP? “We just kept making music,” explains Oblivion.

In other Cults news, the band set June 7 as the official release date for their debut album.¬† But our expectations are pretty low at this point. For one, none of the new material we’ve heard since the debut single is that great. Second, the album is self-titled and the cover (below) is just a cropped version of the press pic they’ve been using for the last year. This suggests they’re not putting much effort or imagination into their art.

Whatever. Prove us wrong, Cults. If your new album rocks, we’ll be the first in line to shake your hands and admit we’re idiots.

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