Blind Shake – Seriousness – Album Review

Slashing surf riffs, punk songcraft and garage rock swagger collide onĀ  Blind Shake’s shuddering, ragged Seriousness. It’s an album that sometimes pounds, mostly struts and occasionally slips into a slow-burning trance. Really, its commendable how much range the Minnesota trio pack into Seriousness’tightly-wound twenty-eight minutes.

While the first half of Seriousnessrevolves around surf punk anthemsĀ  (“Out of Work”, “Hurracan”) and the mighty, stomping rocker known as “They’re All Gone” (wow, easily one of the top ten rock songs of 2011), the second half features a pile of more textural material that could end up on Quentin Tarantino’s next film if he’s paying any attention (we hope he is).

It’s tough out there for rock music in 2011 (especially if you’re not tapped into San Francisco’s retro psych world). Most kids’ ears these days are tuned to music of an electronic, laptop-driven persuasion. For those people, Seriousness won’t pull them away from the dance floor. But for those of you still inspired by passionate, I-dont-give-a-shit rock ‘n roll, Seriousness is one of your favorite albums of 2011.

Standout Tracks: “They’re All Gone”, “I’m Not An Animal”, “Out of Work”

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