Gwen Stefani – Luxurious (Lapalux’s Bootleg Remix) – free mp3

So here’s another artists we never thought we’d post at this site, Gwen Stefani (first it was Christina Aguilera… HEY… this free download is awesome). Well, it’s not actually a proper Gwen Stefani song. It’s Laplux doing an unauthorized bootleg remix of her (Notorious B.I.G. ripoff) hit “Luxurious” (or is it the Isley Brothers that really got ripped here?).

Whatever the case, we really dig how Laplux took this song, stripped it of any Notorious B.I.G-channeling or Isley Brothers-ness, and stretched, pulled and bent it over a slow-dripping beat. Pretty hot.

Download “Luxurious (Lapalux’s Bootleg Remix)” [via XLR8R]

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