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Hip-hop collective ‘Quakers’ drop their self-titled debut

Fuzzface (Portishead’s Geoff Barrow) leads this, um, 35-member hip-hop crew (Really? Thirty-five members?) called Quakers. We were impressed with lead single “Fitta Happier (f. Guilty Simpson & Med)” which masterfully companied prominent samples by Run DMC and Radiohead. Check it out…

Download “Fitta Happier”

Later, we were (even more) impressed with “Smoke (f. Jonwayne)” (free download), and not just because (the guy we once knew solely as a DJ) Jonwayne’s mic skills have been quickening, but because the beat here also kicks ass. Today, the group’s self-title debut hits stores, and from the sound of this album preview, it’s likely an end-to-end banger…


Death Grips – The Fever (Aye Aye) – video

So,  Death Grips are turning into one of those bands where, like, everything they do we talk about it because they’re rad. And by “rad”, we think they piss off as many people as they make really happy (they make us smile). That to us is great art. Anyway, if you’re new to this Sacramento crew’s aggressive, jagged deconstruction of hip-hop, their latest bit of propaganda, a video for “The Fever (Aye Aye)” (from their — ahem — major label debut, The Money Store, due April 24), is a good place to start. Stream it below. Then go get some free shit here. And here.

While we’re on the subject, we just found “The Fever” in downloadable form for you obsessive possessive types…


B-Ju – Mia Got a New Haircut – free mp3

German beat maker B-Ju shares a geometric beat with glitched effects and neon textures from his latest, Prozak People. While this cut comes from across the Atlantic, it sounds like something from California’s Low End Theory-led electronica underground. To narrow it down, B-Ju makes digital waves with primary colors in the same pool as SF producer Salva.

Download “Mia Got a New Haricut” [XLR8R]


Clark preps “Iradelphic” LP

UK producer Clark has kept us guessing with each successive leak from his forthcoming LP, Iradelphic (due April 3rd on the mighty Warp records). First, there was the Boards of Canada-inspired digital wonder of “Com Touch” (free download), now we’ve got the brooding, swerving trip-hop of “Secret” featuring Martina Topley-Bird. Who is Ms. Topley-Bird? It’s the girl that was on Tricky’s 1995 breakthrough Maxinquaye.

Both songs are totally awesome. We’re very much looking forward to April 3rd.


Midnight Door – The Beautiful Truth – free mp3

Counting Bobby McFerrin, Yo-Yo Ma and Sonic Youth among his influences, Luke Janela leads Los Angeles-based “Midnight Door” with his thick, soaring cello leads. Yeah, a cello, and there’s not much else to the group’s sound except the occasional, hazy vocals and persistent, pop-slanted rhythms. If that sounds like something the weird drama-class kids at school would come up with and play at low volumes in their beat up Volvos on the way to museums, you’re absolutely right. And it’s absolutely something we really like. Check out “The Beautiful Truth” (of course it is) from Midnight Door’s latest, Tomorrow Was.

Download “Tomorrow Was”


Fort Romeau – SW9 – free mp3

UK producer Fort Romeau debuts this month with Kingdoms. From the feel of the stylish lead single, “SW9”, it sounds like one of those hypnotic deep house trips to the range on the techno spectrum dominated by Four Tet and Caribou. And that’s not a bad thing. In fact, we really like where this is headed…

Download “SW9” [XLR8R]


Luke Roberts – His Song – free mp3

Nashville by-way-of Montana by-way-of Brooklyn troubadour Luke Roberts is gearing up to release his second LP, The Iron Gates at Throop and Newport (due March 20th). We here Roberts now owns a guitar, so it seems things are looking up for the melancholy singer. But as you’ll hear on lead single “His Song”, Roberts still clings to a romantic sense of sadness, and expresses himself in with an understated, ordinary charm.


Keep Shelly in Athens – DIY (New Division remix) – free mp3

SoCal dance rockers New Division (pictured above) give Keep Shelly in Athens’ tightly wound, dark-waver “DIY” a neon-lit, after-hours pulse. It’s an approach familiar to New Division fans, and one that brings an excellent spark to this cut’s more shadowy origins. We’ve got both versions here so you can do a Pepsi Challenge-type game with your friends…


Death Grips – Lost Boys – free mp3

Sacramento avant hip-hop destructoids Death Grips surprised us earlier this year when they announced they’re signing to a major label, Epic. The only thing major about their sound is how obnoxiously abrasive it is, which we think is totally rad, but we’re not sure where the mass market / business opportunity is for a big ol’ bank like Epic.

Anyway, the latest leak from the first of Death Grip’s two planned 2012 albums, The Money Store, is available below. It’s more of the same raw, warped, bitching hip-hop we came to anxiously expect on the group’s jarring debut, Exmiliatry (which, by the way, you can still get for free).

Download “Lost Boys” [Stereogum]


House of Wolves – Follow Me – free mp3

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Rey Villalobos delivers a warm, ethereal wash of acoustic ambiance on “Follow Me”, the lead single from his forthcoming LP, “Fold in the Wind”. Fans of Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith will find plenty to cling to and drift away with here. Look for Fold in the Wind in stores April 6th.