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How did Cults get so popular so fast? “We didn’t really do anything.”

In an interview with the New York Times, a curious reporter looking for a scoop asks the Cults how they got so popular so fast. In response, singer Brian Oblivion shrugs, “we didn’t really do anything… we didn’t pick up calls, didn’t follow through, didn’t answer e-mail.” What did they do to land on a major label without so much as an EP? “We just kept making music,” explains Oblivion.

In other Cults news, the band set June 7 as the official release date for their debut album.  But our expectations are pretty low at this point. For one, none of the new material we’ve heard since the debut single is that great. Second, the album is self-titled and the cover (below) is just a cropped version of the press pic they’ve been using for the last year. This suggests they’re not putting much effort or imagination into their art.

Whatever. Prove us wrong, Cults. If your new album rocks, we’ll be the first in line to shake your hands and admit we’re idiots.


Stream a new song from Cults

The Cults are streaming a new song, “You Know What I Mean” at their site (or at the embed below). So what? First of all, this song doesn’t bear much resemblance to their breakthrough song, “Go Outside” (which is awesome and you can download here). So if you haven’t been paying attention to this band since that song, you’re going to want to take note: this band has some range (which is important as they’re gearing up to release their debut album… amazingly, on a major label… that’s amazing because they’ve only released a three-song 7″).

On “You Know What I Mean”, Cults are showing some improved songwriting dynamics. And they’re keeping with the 60s pop sound that they’ve been toying with since their debut 7″ (stream here). Which is cool, because that’s a departure from the sunny, more contemporary indie pop of “Go Outside” that most people are familiar with. But to be honest, the new song isn’t as good as any of the material on that first single. Have a listen and let us know what you think…

Cults – You Know What I Mean by cultscultscults


Cults announce release date for debut LP

Can you believe this band doesn’t even have an album yet? Through no fault of their own (we think), Cults have been the center of incredible hype since the release of their debut single, “Go Outside”. The group has played some high-profile gigs, gotten the MTV “Supervideo” treatment and, wow, signed to a major label.

Dude, “Go Outside” is good, but not that good. Listen for yourself…

Download “Go Outside” [via Pitchfork]

Again, Cults don’t even have an album out yet. They do, however, have a very cool 7″, which you can stream below. And on May 30, the band just announced, they’ll be releasing their self-titled debut LP. (Pretty Much Amazing)

We’re curious to hear the album. But we’re about 90% sure it won’t live up to the tremendous expectations we have for this New York duo. Prove us wrong, guys (er, guy and gal). We do like it when we’re wrong about these kinds of things.


Cults – Go Outside – Video

Cults (which, gasp, were signed to a major label last November… how did I miss that?) are the latest to get the MTV “Supervideo” treatment. “Supervideo” is a series where, um, “indie” bands (but that’s not really the case with Cults, is it?) have videos made by almost-famous film makers. (Prefix)

Do you remember LCD Soundsystem’s video for “Pow Pow”? That was a “Supervideo”. And, well, it kind of sucked. As we said last November, it felt like a slick commercial. And that’s fine for Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, but it’s kind of lame when applied to cool bands like LCD Soundsystem.

Well, the “Supervideo” series didn’t do much better with the Cults’ “Go Outside”. The video is so slick and shiny (even though they throw in some grainy, Super 8-ish shots), though the song is pretty hazy, almost lo-fi. It’s like the video’s creator was more concerned with getting a good video for his/her reel than making a video that matched the Cults’ sound. And you know what? We get it. It’s cool. The video’s creator wants something for their reel that they can sell Katie Perry, Bruno Mars and the like (people that will always have more money to spend on videos than Cults… even if they are on a major label).

Anyhow, you may recognize some quasi-familiar faces in the video for “Go Outside”, which stars Dave Fanco (brother of James) and Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew).