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Justice preps ‘On’n’On’ remix EP

“On’n’On” is probably the single song that best sums up where Justice’s latest LP, Audio, Video, Disco, went wrong (complete review). It’s a pretty good cut. But it has a more ordinary feel than what we’d come to expect after being blown away by the French duo’s previous album, Cross. Lucky for Justice, they’re a pretty popular act, and world-class remixers are flocking to the aid of Audio, Video, Disco. And so far, we’re impressed by what we’re hearing. In the first wave of remixes, the On’n’On EP, we’ve got work by Rick Rubin, Erol Alkan and Tiga ranging from lounge funk (Rubin’s treatment of the title track) to shadow house (Brodinski’s remix). We’ve got embed’s of several remixes below, but first, here’s the original version of “On’n’On” packaged with a pretty cool video…


Justice – On’n’On (Brodinski Remix) by ProxyChen


Justice plot US Tour, Coachella all but guaranteed

French arena techno bangers Justice are headed across the US this Spring in support of their latest, Audio, Video, Disco (which we don’t like as much as their debut LP, but the first half seriously kicks ass). If you have any interest in this tour, you’d be wise to jump on tickets ASAP, as the mid-size venues they’re playing are sure to sell out pretty fast.

Taking a look at the schedule, we noticed something odd. Justice is rolling through California in April, but they’re not scheduled to play any Southern California venues. Hm. We’ve seen this before, and it tells us the act is a lock for Coachella. Rumored headliners Radiohead and No Doubt may not have been enough to get you stoked for the mighty SoCal music fest, but Justice should. These guys kill live.

Justice 2011 Spring US Tour
March 16th: Justice at Terminal 5 (New York, NY)
March 17th: Justice at Terminal 5 (New York, NY)
March 19th: Justice at House of Blues (Boston, MA)
March 20th: Justice at Electric Factory (Philadelphia, PA)
March 21st: Justice at 9:30 Club (Washington, DC)
March 22nd: Justice at The Tabernacle (Atlanta, GA)
April 17th: Justice at The Fox Theater (Oakland, CA)
April 19th: Justice at The Pool at the Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas, NV)
April 24th: Justice at Roseland Theater (Portland, OR)
April 25th: Justice at Paramount Theatre (Seattle, WA)
April 26th: Justice at the Forum (Vancouver, BC)


Justice – Audio, Video Disco – album review

French techno duo Justice are back with another batch of stomping beats, dramatic synths and flashy-funk bass lines called Audio, Video, Disco. But whereas their previous effort, Cross, was a  pounding collection of pixel-ragged riffs, Audio, Video, Disco is a swaggering collection of mid-to-late 70s rock rhythms and cosmic keyboards.  It’s still Justice. It’s still danceable. And for the first half of the album, you’re pretty sure that Justice belongs in the same league with the greatest techno duos of all time.

But the second half is a different story. While the first half suffers from a slight sonic vacancy (songs seem like they’re missing that thin layer of texture that separates good techno from epic techno), the second half is plagued by it. Unfortunately, much of Audio, Video, Disco’s far-side feels like background music for (a pretty good) indie film about reluctant criminals trying to pull off one last score before going straight.

Despite the second half’s incomplete delivery, the first half of Audio, Video, Disco is strong enough to keep Justice in the running for one of the greatest techno duos of all time.

Standout Tracks: “Civilization”, “Horsepower”, “Canon”

More Justice: Here’s the video for Audio, Video, Disco, and watch Justice describe the Punk Rock aesthetic of recording the LP here.

3.5 / 5


Justice describe the punk-rock aesthetic of their new LP

In a recent interview with FORD Models, Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay described the French tech duo’s new album as “prog rock with punk means.” Prog rock? Punk? Are we talking about the same Justice that brought us the gnarly, chaotic electro-banger “Waters of Nazereth”? We are indeed. Check out the interview below and then check out two of the latest leaks, “Newlands” and “Canon”, from Justice’s new LP, Audio, Video, Disco (due October 25th).


Stream, download (?) a couple new tracks from Justice

So. As Justice’s new album, Audio, Video, Disco (due October 25th), pulls into focus, we’re starting to get a little more excited. At first, we were concerned with the new material. The early releases and leaks we were hearing didn’t stomp and thrash like the stuff on Justice’s killer debut, Cross. But we’re over it. Our expectations have been adjusted. And although the new stuff doesn’t pound as hard, it’s pretty cool.

The latest couple of leaks from Audio, Video, Disco, “Newlands” and “Canon” come to us via OneThirtyBPM (you’ll have to click to get to them… we couldn’t pull an embed). Both cuts feature theatric synth progressions and 70s arena guitar riffs. Not what you’re used to from Justice, but it’s pretty cool to hear the band evolving past their hard slashing electro roots (if you think about it, even Cross was a slight comedown from their furious debut single, “Waters of Nazareth”).

At OneThirtyBPM’s, you’ll find links to download both tracks. But you may want to act fast. It seems odd that Justice would officially release a couple of downloads from the album like this, so we’re not sure how long the links will last.

More Justice: The French duo have already dropped a couple of videos from Audio, Video, Disco. Check out the clip for the LP’s title track here and the video for “Civilization” over there. Also, dig this 4-minute mix of Audio, Video Disco.


Justice release a 4-minute mix of their new LP

You’ve seen preview videos for albums, you’ve heard singles released before and album, but have you heard a preview mix of an album before? Probably. But you don’t hear them too often. So it’s kind of cool that Justice just dropped a four-minute preview of their new album, Audio, Video, Disco (Consequence of Sound has the exclusive stream). How does it sound? It doesn’t have the same rafter-shaking force of the groups debut, Cross, but there are some pretty killer beats to come on the new album.

More Justice: Dig the video for the Audio, Video, Disco title track and the video for “Civilization”. Both tracks are pretty rad, but we’re bigger fans of “Civilization” at the moment.


Justice – Audio, Video, Disco – video

In the lead video from Justice’s new album, Audio, Video, Disco (due Oct 25), you’ll turn into a floating ghost that follows the French duo from the recording of the title track in the studio right to the stage. It’s pretty cool…


Stream the title track from Justice’s new LP, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’

We’ve just heard a stream of the title track from Justice’s new album, Audio, Video, Disco.” (Listen at Some Kind of Awesome) And to be honest with you, we’re a bit underwhelmed by the material we’re hearing from the LP (which is said to be an homage to 70s rock), due October 25.

(By the way, Busy P, the co-CEO of Justice’s label, Ed Banger Records debuted “Audio, Video, Disco” at the Los Angeles HARD fest in August.)

What else do we have so far? First, there was the lead single, “Civilization”, which was was pretty good (video here). And then a clip of “Helix” (again, pretty good) premiered on an Ed Banger promo mix (which, as a whole, is pretty rad) last week.

Digging the sound of “Audio, Video, Disco”? You’re in luck, the single will be out September 19th with remixes by Para One and Mickey Moonlight.


Justice, SebastiAn, Skrillex on Ed Banger preview mix

Busy P (the guy in the picture up there) just dropped a pretty cool preview mix of things to come from Ed Banger Records (he’s co-CEO) this fall. Featured in the 12-minute clip are cuts from Justice, SebastiAn, Skrillex and Mr Oizo. Complete track list below.

Wow, SebastiAn remixed by Skrillex? Yeah. And it’s pretty dope. So is the Justice cut “Helix”…

ED REC FALL 2011 DELIVERY by edbangerrecords

DSL “Supalove”
KRAZY BALDHEAD “Surabaya Girl”
SEBASTIAN feat Mayer Hawthorne “Love in Motion” Skrillex’s funkt-out mix
MICKEY MOONLIGHT “Close to Everything”
MICKEY MOONLIGHT “Close to Everything” The Martin Brothers remix
MR OIZO “Douche Beat”
JUSTICE “Audio, Video, Disco” Para One remix

(via Some Kind of Awesome)



New Justice album, “Audio, Video, Disco”, an homage to 70s rock?

We’re pulling for Justice. We really are. We want the new album, Audio, Video, Disco (due October 25) to be a badass techno slugfest. But we weren’t totally floored by the lead single, “Civilization” (stream it here), and we were pretty much bored by the new track that premiered at LA’s HARD fest over the weekend. Yes, we’re a little concerned. But Pitchfork tells us it’s gonna’ be okay.

According to a review at Pitchfork today, the new Justice “filters 1970s arena rock and prog through Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay’s sledgehammering electro style.” Listeners should expect to hear a little Queen and Eagles as they make their way through Audio, Video, Disco. No Bee Gees or Abba? But it says right there in the album title that… never mind… we’ll wait to hear more from the band before passing any more judgement.