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Shlohmo – Wen uuu (Teebs Remix) – free mp3

The drowsy, experimental wash of Shlohmo meets the gritty, dream-inspired sonic ramblings of Teems on the “Wen uuu” remix. It’s the latest sample from Shlohmo’s recent Vacation remix EP. If you like what you hear, stay tuned. We’re very stoked to hear another remix EP is on the way from Shlohmo fettering works by Salva, Grounislava, Airhead and Nicolas Jaar. Wow.

(via Potholes In My Blog)

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Shlohmo – Couch (Soosh Remix) – free mp3

Slow-motion (er, slo-mo), dream-addicted beat slinger Shlohmo (who recently moved from San Francisco to New York) is having one of his early EPs, Shlo-Fi re-released on 12″ vinyl (of course). The vinyl isn’t out until December 5th, but you can catch one of the beautiful, trance inducing re-mixes, “Couch (Soosh Remix)” now…

Download “Couch (Soosh Remix)” [via XLR8R]

And here’s the lo-fi psych screensaver video…

Shlohmo – Couch (Soosh Remix) from Error Broadcast on Vimeo.


When Saints Go Machine – Kelly (Shlohmo Remix) – free mp3

Beat warper Shlohmo does a pretty rad job of dismantling “When Saints Go Machine’s” excellent indie pop cut “Kelly”, and then stretching the tune over a bed of slow-burning digital coals.  This is also a great chance to revisit the awesome original version of this song. Both are below.

Also, did you hear Shlohmo is leaving SF and moving to New York on Friday? Safe travels, dude. We’ll miss you on the West Coast. Visit soon, visit often!

Download “Kelly (Shlohmo Remix)” [via XLR8R]
Download “Kelly” [via Stereogum]


Shlohmo releases (free) ‘Fine, Thanks’ mixtape

San Francisco dream-techno beat slinger Shlohmo dug into his vaults this week to put together a free mixtape, Fine, Thanks (download). All of the mixtape’s nine songs are at least a year old, but they sound pretty fresh to us. Listen as smooth synths, glitchy samples and grainy melody mix over quirky, minimal beats.

For those of you new to Shlohmo, he relies on lush soundscapes of hazy nostalgia (rather than booming beats) to inspire. The results may sometimes stray into the ambient, but Shlohmo’s spell is likely to pull you into a blissful trance rather than put you to sleep.

In a statement today from Shlohmo, he warns Fine, Thanks “should not be taken seriously”. Okay. But we’ve listened to it all the way through a couple of times now and we can say Fine, Thanks is seriously rad.


Burial – Dog Shelter (Essay’s Old Edit) – free mp3

German producer Essay steps onto sacred ground, infusing Burial’s atmospheric “Dog Shelter” with a subtle, patchy beat. We realize that you, the Burial purist, would argue that “Dog Shelter” never needed a beat. And you’re right. But this remix sounds pretty damn cool.

In other Burial remix news, upstart producer Shlohmo gives “Shell of Light” his dream-inspired, watery touch. And again, the song was fine as it was, but that don’t mean Shlohmo didn’t create something that’s totally rad.

Download “Dog Shelter (Essay’s Old Edit)” [via XLR8R
Download “Shell of Light (Shlohmo remix)” [via XLR8R]


Baths, Shlohmo, Jonwayne interviewed by Thavius Beck at FoF Party

Thavius Beck caught up with some of the DJs that headlined Friends of Friends Records 2-year anniversary party in Los Angeles recently. Watch as Baths, Shlohmo and Jonwayne talk about the LA beats scene, how they create their music and more…


Friends of Friends Records releases “Pop Massacre 2” mixtape free

One of our favorite indie techno labels, Los Angeles-based Friends of Friends (Shlohmo, Salva, Jogger), just dropped a free mixtape packed with dreamy, spaced-out remixes of pop songs by a bunch of indie DJs.

Highlights include Salva’s take on “That Girl” (Pharrell f. Snoop Dog), Mexicans with Guns re-work of Thong Song (Sisqo) and Shlohmo’s treatment of “hard in da Paint (Waka Flaka Flame). Check it…


Shlohmo delays debut LP, but releases free EP

San Francisco button ninja Shlohmo (aka Henry Laufer) pushed release of his debut LP, Bad Vibes, to August. The album was originally set for release in June. Why the delay? Maybe it’s because Shlohmo is pushing beyond drum loops and samples to include “both vocals and full-range instrumentation” on Vibes. That’s pretty cool.

August is a long ways off, but fans needn’t wait three long months to get something new from Shlohmo. You can hear his watery, dream-enducing production touch on the recently-released, free Remixes Vol. 2 EP…

Download “Remixes Vol. 2” [via Prefix]

We’re not immediately floored by anything on Remixes, but if you would like to be floored, you should check out “Places” (released for free earlier this year)…

Download “Places” [via Fader]


Shlohmo – Places – free mp3

San Francisco’s Sholomo is one of the latest addition to California’s thriving beat scene (joining Flying Lotus, Free the Robots and Baths, among others). Here we have a very chill, very awesome cut, “Places.” The smooth, chillwaving song has more in common with the quirky pop of Baths than the menacing experimentation of Flying Lotus or the face-pounding dub step of Free the Robots (both of which are strongly recommended), but it’s good to see the LA scene branching out and rounding itself off so nicely.

Download “Places” [via Fader]